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The Process: Stylist Arianna Cunha talks breaking into athlete styling and working with New England Revs’ Andrew Ferrell

The Process: Stylist Arianna Cunha talks breaking into athlete styling and working with New England Revs’ Andrew Ferrell

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arianna cuhna
Arianna Cuhna

Boston-based fashion stylist and business student Arianna Cunha has always had a love for fashion and helping people discover their own personal style. A connection to New England Revolution’s Andrew Ferrell through a mutual friend helped her launch her own style consultancy Ari Styled.

We caught up with Ari to learn more about her budding business and her process around helping her clients look good off the pitch/court/field.

41: Tell us about yourself, where are you from? how did you get into styling?

AC: Hi, my name is Arianna Cunha, I’m from Boston Massachusetts. I am a full-time, online student at Grand Canyon University, studying for my Bachelors of Science in Applied Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Outside of school, I have always had an interest in fashion and dressing myself. It was about two years ago when I decided I wanted to turn my passion into helping other people find their own style. I began an Instagram page @ari.styled and started posting looks for people to get ideas from. 

When styling a client, walk us through your creative process from ideation to final look on body?

When styling a client, I will always look at the whole look from clothes down to accessories. I get my ideas from a lot of runway looks and individual pieces. It’s important to take account of who you are styling and what will fit the client best. There are times that after making a look and putting it on a client, that small changes will have to be made. 

Andrew Ferrell

What things do you look for when it comes to building out your client’s individual style?

When working with clients I always ensure to discuss with them what they are comfortable with and what their goals are for their style. Another thing to take account of is, their personal performance. This includes their favorite colors, patterns, and silhouettes. Accessories is another factor I look at. They play a significant role in personalizing and elevating an outfit. Understanding the client’s preferences for accessories such as jewelry, scarves, bags, and shoes allows for the creation of cohesive looks that reflect their individual style.

How did you meet Andrew Ferrell, how did you guy’s working relationship get started?

I met Andrew Ferrell through a mutual friend. The timing was perfect for both of us. I was starting to look for cliental and he was interested in learning about having a stylist. From there we set up a call and started off with one outfit, then led to us working with each other for the remainder of his 2022-2023 season and moving to this current soccer season. 

Walk us through Andrew’s style, and how you amplify that through your work with him.

Andrew and I have been working together for about a year now. When I first started working with him, it was his first time working with a stylist and getting to try new things with his style. When we began, we started off with staying in his comfort zone with styling him in neutral colors and simplistic pieces (pictured on the left). As we continued to work together, I began to introduce different styles, patterns, and brands that are a little out of his comfort zone. I would describe Andrew’s style as street style with his own touch. I’m excited for this season to get him fully out of his comfort zone with new and different looks with more colors.

Do you have any other athlete clients?

Starting my journey with Andrew as my first athlete client is an exciting step in my styling career. Each client brings unique challenges and opportunities for growth, and Andrew’s collaboration is undoubtedly laying a strong foundation for your future endeavors in the field of athlete styling.

As I continue to hone my skills and expand my portfolio, maintaining a dedication to excellence and expanding my passion for helping clients express themselves through their personal style, will attract more athlete clients. Leveraging my experiences with Andrew and highlighting the positive outcomes of my collaboration can serve as compelling testimonials for prospective clients.

Staying proactive in networking within the sports industry, attending relevant events, and reaching out to agents or managers to showcase my services. Building genuine relationships and demonstrating my expertise and enthusiasm for athlete styling will open doors to new and exciting opportunities.

Embracing each client interaction as a chance to learn and grow, as well as remain committed to providing exceptional service and fostering positive experiences. 

Who are some of your favorite Soccer players (style-wise)?

Some of my favorite Soccer players are David Alaba and Neymar.

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Who would be a dream soccer client?

Styling both David Alaba and Neymar would be incredible opportunities, given their distinct personas and international appeal. Each presents a unique style to explore diverse fashion directions, blending their individual tastes with cutting-edge trends to create compelling looks that resonate with their global fan bases.

However, the prospect of styling Cristiano Ronaldo holds a special significance for me. Growing up watching him alongside my grandfather has left an indelible impression, and the chance to collaborate with him on his style evolution would be immensely gratifying. Ronaldo’s iconic presence in the world of football transcends borders, making him an influential figure in both sports and fashion. Working with him would not only be a professional milestone but also a nostalgic journey back to cherished memories of watching the game with my grandfather.

Overall, styling these football legends would offer a rich tapestry of experiences, blending my passion for fashion with the electrifying world of sports.

Arianna Cuhna

What’s next? What are your goals for this year and the next five years?

As I progress in my styling career, I’m eager to venture into working with NBA and NFL athletes. The most thrilling aspect of styling is delving into the diverse array of personal styles individuals possess or entrusting me to introduce them to new ones. Collaborating with athletes from different backgrounds would be an invaluable learning experience and an opportunity to expand my expertise. Additionally, I’m passionate about extending my styling services to female athletes, recognizing the unique fashion narratives they bring to the table.

Looking ahead, over the next five years, I aspire to broaden my horizons further by branching into styling rappers and artists. This journey promises to be filled with creative challenges and rewarding collaborations, allowing me to continue exploring the dynamic intersection of fashion and individual expression.

You can follow Arianna and her styling journey on IG @ari.styled

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