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It’s an often overlooked but very important part of any game really. The soundtrack has the ability to make or break even the best of Triple A titles and FIFA has long been a shining example of that. FIFA’s soundtracks have become so legendary that certain songs are now synonymous with specific iterations. Consequently the likes of Fat Boy Slim, LCD Soundsystem, Blur and even Chumbawamba are the direct soundtrack to countless memories. This year, FIFA 18 boasts a stout playlist from some of modern musics heavy hitters and even a few gems from icons. Here is our favorite tracks from EA Sports FIFA 18.


1. Mean Demeanor by Run The Jewels : Killer Mike and El-P give us more rapid-fire, no-nonesense bars from their ever beastly collab. Past FIFA titles rarely featured hip hop acts, especially from the states. On 18 that has changed and we like it.


2. Energy by Avelino ( feat. Stormzy & Skepta): Some more high energy hip-hop from three of the UK’s finest. Grime is exploding and has become synonymous with the game like never before. A prefect track to get fired up before slamming an opponent. 


3. Deadcrush by alt-J: The Boys from Leeds are masters of blending genre’s that shouldn’t really blend well. This track is an example of the aforementioned as Joe Newman’s quirky, folk vocals ease over jumping, industrial drums and synth.


4. Active by Sneakbo feat. Active: Earlier we spoke about the grime resurgence and it’s place within football, especially in the UK. This legendary link up features two of the industry’s long time torch bearers spitting bars, plain and simple.


5. Dagombas en Tamale by Residente: Residente has slayed many a track over the years with the mighty Calle 13. His rhythmic flow suits this frenetic track perfectly which serves to round out the Latin American vibes.


6. Dangerous by The xx: This a nice, refreshingly uptempo direction for the notoriously moody xx. This track adds a nice dose of dance beneath those trademark silky smooth vocals. Not every FIFA song needs to be a an “Eye of the Tiger” call to arms, this one proves it.


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7. Heart Attack by Older feat De La Soul: A funky baseline and synth already give this cut a throwback vibe. Add verses from the all mighty De La Soul and you’ve got killer retro driven gold. More fun uplifting goodness for one of FIFA’s best soundtrack in recent years.


8. Something For Your M.I.N.D. by Superorganism: A microcosm of footy and FIFA this multinational eight piece band first made waves via Spotify where one of their songs caught Frank Oceans attention. Quirky, odd, unique and brilliant this a fitting cut is shining example of the broad versatility if FIFA’s sonic arsenal. 


9. Stay With Me by The Amazons: It’s a fact, the biggest and most entertaining league in the world is in England. Thus it makes sense to have a playlist full of British artists. The Amazons are your quintessential British rock band and ‘Stay With Me’ is a quintessential British rock song. Simple and undeniably great.


10. Get Lost by Washed Out: Finishing off the list we have a Stones Throw rookie but a Chillwave vet. Washed Out slays this synth driven dico/dance track with haunting vocals. The pulsating tempo breeds focus and adrenaline. Two things we all need when diving into a heated FIFA sesh. 

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