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For our latest #ChicksInKits feature we take it with Chelsea Cabarcas. The Colombian Women’s National Team member/TV host/model took time to  link up with our good friend Nathan Congleton for a chat and photo shoot.  Hear what Chelsea had to say about her music, style, sneakers and of course the beautiful game. Also be on the look out for more information about the Umbro lifestyle fall collection featured in the shoot.

Name: Chelsea Cabarcas 

Age: 24 

Where are you from/grow up and family nationality? I was born and raised in NYC but my father is Colombian and my mother is Dominican

What music do you have in heavy rotation right now? This is a hard one considering I love music. Right now I have been playing the new Rick Ross album “Rather You Than Me” and the new Mike Will Made It album. But then again I am the same girl that listens to Indian classical music when she’s stressed hahaha.

Favorite men’s club and National side team? Real Madrid and the men’s Colombian national team. I think I am more Colombian than Dominican but when it’s time to cook I’m definitely more Dominican. 

What is your connection to the beautiful game? I have played soccer since I was 3 years old. My dad always wanted a boy but since I am the only child he got me into all of his hobbies. I grew up going to the park on weekends to watch my dad play soccer. Now that I am older the sport completes me. I have had very high moments and extremely low moments in my career. Nothing can compare to the feeling I get when I am playing or make my time in a sprint during preseason. I am a television host/model on the side and I still haven’t experienced the same feeling or emotions I get while playing. Granted, once you get to a higher level it isn’t as easy anymore because you’re competing against girls that are as talented and athletic as you. But when you experience that high after a great game or a goal it is amazing.

If your friends were to describe you, what would they say? I needed help so I asked my friends and this is what they answered

 Chelsea’s friend, Megan: The most high pitched curly haired determined little doll one could ever come across in life

Chelsea’s friend, Lenny: A very determined individual who believes that in life not everything should be easy because the reward won’t taste as well. Never scared of taking on a new task with the mindset that it will be done. Strong minded, family oriented and a sucker for the sun and sand.

The beautiful game, when you hear that what does that mean to you? The Beautiful game is more than just a sport. Soccer has a lot of history and it brings so many people together from around the world.

What is your favorite soccer memory or moment? Definitely has to be when I got to start with the Colombian national team against Venezuela. It was after being out for 2 years and everyone telling me it was impossible to get back to that level with the Injury and complications I had.

What brands can we find in your closet? My style is very versatile. Depends how I feel that day. Im The person that wears a tutu with Air Max’s but at night will put on some open toed sandals. I’m a New Yorker so I definitely love the color black. My closet goes from Adidas to Gucci. Two completely different styles. Lately, I have been obsessed with Artizia.

So Sneakers … Love em? Hate them? Purely Functional? LOVE THEM. I love shoes period. I will spend my last dime on shoes. 

What are your favorite 3 kicks of all time? Favorite sneakers : Air Jordan 1 Retro Black/Gold, Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet, Nike Air max 90 “Infrared”, all white converses (couldn’t pick 3)

New York is a Mecca of Sneakers and HipHop, do you see the mesh of those two with the game in NY? Soccer players have always been into sneakers and music. I have always said athletes in general are probably the ones that listen to most music and know the lyrics to every song. Athletes listen to music while prepping for a game, practice, weights, long bus rides etc. I started seeing a lot of rappers rocking soccer jerseys or the warm up adidas pants to a club. I think it’s hilarious because I look at them like, ” uh sir. You know we wear that to like warm up in or sleep in.” Im happy to see a lot of big brands like a stussy or a supreme get some of their inspiration from the soccer world.

There is an on going debate about which city has the best food New York or LA. What do think? New York definitely has way more culture! (I still love LA though)

If you where a breakfast cereal what would it be? I dislike cereal so I can’t really choose.

Follow Chelsea: IG @chelszz

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