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Admittedly most of our #Chicksinkits features are centered around pro, semi-pro or college female soccer players. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But our mission with #Chicksinkits has always been to shed light on the female soccer perspective as a whole. From fitness models to producers to tv personalities and more, fans of our beloved game come from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. A case in point; our latest feature hails all the way from Australia. Her name is Hope Watson. She grew up loving soccer in a land where rugby reigns supreme. We sat down with Hope for some unique insight into the beautiful game from an Aussie girl pursuing her dreams.  

KTTP: So tell us your name and where you’re from?

Hope Watson: My name is Hope Watson I grew up in Canberra in Australia. I moved to New York about 5 years ago. I was fortunate enough to get a visa for modeling, so I did that while I was at university in New York. I moved to Los Angeles last year and now I’m transitioning into the film industry. 

KTTP: How would you describe your style?

HW: I’d describe my style as tomboyish, a little 80’s and maybe some 70’s, plus lots of color! 

KTTP: How do you think style effects soccer and vice versa?

HW: The combination of football and style/design is one of my favorite things! I’d honestly prefer to kick around with people that look sharp but aren’t necessarily that “good” than a bunch of boofheads that wanna yell and slide tackle. If I can relate to someone’s sensibilities I feel like it indicates we’d have other things in common. I wanna play with people I can relate to. 



KTTP: What are your favorite soccer boots?

HW: My favorite boots are either Adidas Samba’s or these Lotto boots that I got in Budapest a few years ago. I dunno know why I like them so much… They’re so comfortable. I think I just like them cos no-one else has them!

KTTP: Favorite pair of sneakers growing up?

HW: There was a pair of sneakers I had as a child, they were converse, low rise with one star and an arrow. They didn’t look like Chuck Taylor’s though. I tried to google them one time but I couldn’t find them! Also, Adidas made this super skinny martial arts looking shoe that was weirdly a big deal with all the soccer players in my home town. 

KTTP: What do you wear now?

HW: Now I wear Adidas Superstars basically every single day of my life. I just find them really comfy and I like the look of them. 


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KTTP: Do you have any style or fashion tips?

HW: One thing I try to do with style is not follow direct trends. I just like to find nice fabrics and interesting colors. I feel like that’s cooler than finding something in a magazine and regurgitating it. 

KTTP: You’re from Australia, soccer isn’t the biggest sport where you’re from. How’d you get involved in the game?

HW: So, it’s a funny thing. In my hometown, people think rugby is what’s up! I don’t know why, but, my father was obsessed with soccer. I think because it’s truly a world game. We used to watch it every single night at home whether it was EPL or Champions League or even the Australian League. I actually hated that everyone liked rugby, but eventually I liked that I was into the “niche” sport… I would have feuds with rugby kids though – one time my all girls school had to visit this all boys school that was really big on Rugby. I told one of the guys I liked soccer more and he spat at my feet! I was pissed! So, yeah, it was a contentious thing as a kid for sure.


KTTP: So why did you ultimately choose soccer over rugby?

HW: Well as I said in my hometown Rugby was king. But I just thought soccer was much cooler, more chic. I thought soccer players were better athletes. So I was always fine with liking soccer.  

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