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adidas Originals launch new Jamaica capsule collection

adidas Originals launch new Jamaica capsule collection

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adidas original jamaica collection

Building on last year’s enormously successful start together, Adidas has unveiled a new Originals Jamaica clothing range that flawlessly marries the country’s reggae traditions with a nostalgic attitude.

Late last year, adidas released throwback Originals collections for its National Federations, reintroducing some famous silhouettes from the past. One of the primary qualifications for entry into this limited club was having previously played for the Three Stripes, which gave Germany, Italy, Argentina, and Mexico an immediate advantage. However, Jamaica had just recently completed their first year with adidas, so there was no history to draw upon. That didn’t stop adidas from including a sneaky retro t-shirt in the collection, and now the brand is focusing its vintage gaze on the Caribbean with a dedicated lifestyle capsule.

The capsule, which was released on February 6th to commemorate the birthday of iconic Jamaican musician Bob Marley, is imbued with the Reggae Boyz and Reggae Girlz’s particular flair and energy. It has a collection of tracksuits and tees designed in the same vintage style that many clubs and federations have been sporting in recent months, replete with the classic Trefoil insignia to distinguish its identity. And that retro feel works nicely with this Jamaica collection, which is presented in the country’s vibrant green, yellow, and black colors.

One of the collection’s standout pieces is the tracksuit, which features a green foundation with black accents and a yellow strip going down the arms, which is also reproduced on the track trousers.

One of the shirts features a diagonal pattern with the green and black, making the yellow stand out more. The final shirt is black with yellow three stripes on the shoulders and a green collar and cuffs.

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In addition to the typical adicolor t-shirt, trackpants, and tracktop, the capsule has a one-of-a-kind windbreaker.

You can shop the collection at World Soccer Shop

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