Letter from the Founder

Over the last 3 and a half years, KTTP has been a leader in connecting the cultures of fashion, sneakers, music, and art with the game we all have grown to love. When I first set out to create KTTP, my goal was to bring a new set of eyes to the beautiful game. As a casual fan from the early 90s, I was never fully immersed in soccer culture. Basketball was my passion, from the Jordan shoes to the hip-hop influence, I was a fan of basketball because of its connection to the things I loved the most. It gave me an instant connection to a sport that captivated my attention. Coming home from school and immediately watching WGN (The Chicago Bulls game network) fueled my constant need to be involved with basketball. Basketball and everything surrounding it spoke my language. It wasn’t only what was happening on the court that captivated me, but the entire culture surrounding the game that kept me hooked. Take the Fab 5 with the baggy shorts, black socks, and fresh Nike kicks; or the forward-thinking Nike Adverts combining dribbling with beat making, or AI rocking the braids. Look at the NBA All-Star game and the festivities that surrounded it. It screamed “cool”. I looked forward to the weekends and waking up to watch Ahmad Rashad on “The Inside Stuff”. As I look forward to the future of KTTP, my goal is to turn a person like me into a fanatic of the beautiful game. Not with stats and highlights, but truly giving the fan and future fan, a behind-the-scenes look as to why soccer is the next “cool”.

People from all over the world fall in love with the latest music, fashion, and trends inspired by street culture. Thanks to the internet we can see soccer and that street culture connecting like never before. Because of this accessibility, soccer in the USA has more potential than anywhere else, however, some people still continue to see the US market as secondary. A small group of individuals are beginning to look to the US more and more for cues on what drives the culture forward. I feel this attention makes the US one of the best markets to foster the growth of the new “soccer cool.”

KTTP has positioned itself as a soccer media outlet with a key focus on the lifestyle culture surrounding the game that makes up that “cool”. We approach the game from the outside in; bringing a fresh “off-pitch” perspective with storylines that are often times hidden and waiting to be told.

KTTP represents the lifestyle niche and is deeply imbedded in that culture. Our fresh perspective highlights the off-pitch culture first. It has been an uphill battle trying to get the powers that be, to see the vision and the value of the US market for football lifestyle. I personally have continued to question, why the US market is always looked at second? The consumers are here. We constantly hear that the US market is the “Next Big Thing,” but we continue to chase stories within the football lifestyle space. From product to players and clubs, those in the States continue to get limited access to the most desirable things. If our market has to chase the most limited product, the most influential players, and the latest events, how do we as a nation become relevant in the conversation of soccer? Having representation on both American and European continents, it’s very clear that US sets pop culture standard. Soccer players dress in American brands, listen to American music, follow American Sports and interact with American athletes. The importance of a solid American voice within the global soccer lifestyle conversation is needed now more than ever.

For the last few years KTTP has been knocking on doors, often times closed, trying to bring light to stories that a global audience is wanting to see and hear. Although it has been an uphill battle, I feel that it is more than worth it. Heading into 2019, KTTP wants to continue to be a bridge from the US, globally connecting the stories, product, players and events within the soccer x lifestyle conversation. While this is a bit of the road less traveled, we will be ignoring the low hanging fruit and pursuing the stories that may be less obvious.

This is why we have decided to take a new approach to the KTTP site. Starting December 2018, KTTP will change its platform from a media blog to an online magazine. We look to have KTTP become the beautiful game’s “Inside Stuff” for the digital age. We will feature between 6 to 8 unique stories a month, focusing on the four cornerstones of our cultural movement–Sneakers, Fashion, Music, and Art. The platform will give true inside access to the ever-growing culture that surrounds the sport of soccer. From creators, players, artist, musicians, and more, we will look to deliver the stories that highlight football lifestyle and give in-depth and unique access to fans regardless of their geographic location.

In addition to the new direction of the platform, KTTP will be launching a special subscription service in early 2019, further connecting lifestyle culture with the sport. Teaming up with carefully selected art curators, KTTP will offer a monthly subscription that includes limited edition prints by well-known artists from around the world, VIP access to special events hosted by KTTP and our affiliates, a quarterly zine with a key focus on lifestyle off-pitch, as well as special discounts to brands and people we have relationships with.

I personally feel that it is our duty as a media outlet to showcase the most authentic perspective from this space, as this is who we truly are. I can say without any hesitation, KTTP is the truest ambassadors of the street culture in the football space because that is who we are first and foremost. Having lived, breathed, and created in the street culture for the last 20 years, no one better is able to tell the stories from this point of view.

KTTP is dedicated to continuing to bring its readers the highest quality, original, curated, and behind-the-scenes stories with our unique voice. As we continue to build this platform from the ground up, we ask for the support from our readers to ensure we can continue telling and delivering our compelling stories. I thank you for the constant support and we look forward to sharing our new look in the coming months.

Curtis Brown
Founder Kicks to the Pitch