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For years the fans of the 1. FCN have dreamed of a stadium that bears Max Morlock’s name. Many have tried to realize this, but without success. Now, together with Consorsbank, have launched a crowdfunding campaign. If the campaign collects an amount of € 800,000, the Consorsbank will contribute the remaining 2.4 million to make this long pursued dream a reality.

The goal is to give the Nuremberg stadium its name: Max-Morlock Stadium. The campaign is shared with thousands of Club fans, who finally have the opportunity to participate in the realization of this dream. However, it is not just football fans that want to see Max Morlock’s name on the stadium. He was a hero from Franconia, who directed the eyes of the world to the region.

Max Morlock was an icon and a strong supporter of the 1. FCN. During his time with the club he led the team to German Champions in 1948 and 1961, he made the “Miracle of Bern” possible and helped the German football national team in 1954 to the world champion title. His dedication was not only the FCN but also to his hometown, the city of Nuremberg. He remained modest and never changed the club despite numerous lucrative offers. A talented player on the field, a generous person off. It is time for him to receive the respect and appreciation he deserves.

The initiative “Max Gemeinsam” was launched by fans, restaurateurs, politicians, cultural activists, entrepreneurs and local communities together with the Consorsbank. Coming from different corners of the region – or across the world for that matter – and differ in many respects, all are welcomed by one thing: the desire to revamp the Nuremberg stadium into the Max-Morlock stadium. The initiative is not for profit, but has only one goal: to bring people together and support those who desire the Max-Morlock Stadium.

The campaign kicked off on March 31st and is running until May 14th, a total of 45 days and is one of the largest crowdfunding projects in Germany. The movement is now in the final weeks and the community is looking for further support. Based on level of contribution, you will be gifted with a special souvenir that reflects the city, creative community and football culture. 

To contribute to the initiative go HERE 

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