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Way back in 2015 we covered a story about then, Portland Timbers player Rodney Wallace designing a shoe with adidas. Now when we say design, we mean it. He sat down with adidas shoe designers, chose a specific silo, materials and colorway that all fit into his brilliant concept of “Blood, Sweat and Tears.” Two years later and Rodney is now playing footy in Brazil, but what of his shoes? We recently received a pair in the mail and naturally it re-sparked our intrigue. So we decided to reach out to Rodney himself for the details on how things went down with the design and production of his shoes.  Check out our Q an A below.


Kicks To The Pitch: Have you always been into sneakers? If so, when did your passion for sneakers start?
Rodney Wallace: I’ve always been into sneakers, I grew up in Costa Rica and back then my cousins Warren and Wayne wore the freshest kicks. I remember seeing their shoe boxes all over their rooms. I was about 7-8 years old when I started to pay attention to kicks.

KTTP: What are some of your favorite silo’s?
RW: Some of my favorite silo’s right now would have to be the Boost EQTs. Can’t go wrong with a crispy pair of Stan Smiths, I really dig them in high tops.

KTTP: How did adidas approach you to design a shoe?
RW: This project actually started with my friend Samantha Yarrock taking notice in my passion for sneakers and my love for design. She worked it out with the people at adidas to allow me to make a shoe.

KTTP: Why did you choose that particular silo?
RW: I chose this specific shoe because it best described me and my vision for the project. I wanted something clean but at the same rough around the edges. The shoe had a lot of potential to work with in terms of different materials.

KTTP: What was the concept and inspiration behind the design?
RW: This shoe was inspired by all the sacrifices that not only athletes make to get where they are, but also all the people involved in that struggle. Family members who lived the same passion, friends that supported your shine and your failures, and the day 1 circle that holds us down.

KTTP: Tell us about the whole process, was there anything that surprised you?
RW: Man the whole process was surreal for me. I didn’t think it was gonna take that much time but it takes a great deal of attention to detail. You have to dive into your own vision with what patterns, materials and colors go well together. Doesn’t have to stand out but I believe the story matches the shoe and it speaks for itself.

KTTP: What are your thoughts on the current trend of soccer boots becoming more like sneakers with more releases, packs, colorways and limited editions?
RW: I think the whole concept of soccer boots becoming more like sneakers goes vice/versa. You see boots taking form from sneakers but sneakers are also paving the wave for dope soccer boots. Its what we want… new wave and more freedom to express ourselves on and off the pitch.

KTTP: Would you ever like to design a soccer boot?
RW: I would love to design a soccer boot. It would take more work due to the fact that you need to actually be able to perform at the highest level. You can’t just make an attractive boot, it’s has to be the proper weapon for battle.

KTTP: Plans for the future? any plans on designing more shoes?
RW: In the future I would like explore more of the design work. Really focusing on the craft and honoring the process is something that excites me. Giving something that the people can relate to would bring me joy.

KTTP: When can we expect the shoes to drop?
RW: Unfortunately there were only about 12 pairs made. It’s a project that was close to my heart I just hope people can relate even if you’re not an athlete, we all overcame struggles with a support system at some point or another.

KTTP: Thanks again Rodney, we appreciate the time, is there anything else you’d like to say?
RW: I hope you enjoy the shoe. Respect your journey. Blood Sweat and Tears. I would like to thank Josh Herr and Justice for also giving me the opportunity to step into their world. These guys are behind all the best adidas sneakers you wear and you see on a daily basis. Also I would like to thank Curtis Brown the Plug and Andrew Medina for giving me the lane.


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