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Just like most of you, the KTTP family are massive fans of Game of Thrones. As is our duty, we looked for an opportunity to look at GOT fever and see how it applies to our beloved game. Artists have done Game of Thrones inspired kits, kicks, and boots. Now it’s our turn to take our favorite series and blend it with our favorite sport, here is our Game of Thrones starting eleven…


Khal Drogo (Dothraki Warlord)

Position: Striker/target man

Player Comparison: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Why he would make a good striker: Khal is a legendary leader amongst a notoriously fierce race of warriors. He is supremely confident, brash, powerful and a fighter who was never defeated in battle. When looking for an archetype target man full of strength and skill, Khal is your man. 


Oberyn Martell aka The Red Viper (Prince of Dorne)

Position: winger/striker

Player comparison: Cristiano Ronaldo/George Best

Why he makes a good winger: The Viper is a notoriously skillful warrior with an equally passionate temperament and sexual appetite. His unrivaled confidence borders on arrogance much like many of the greatest wingers and strikers to ever lace em up. It’s easy to picture him marauding up the wing by day and leaving the club with a group of ladies by night. He is the brazen skill of Cristiano with the raw charisma of George Best. 


Ramsay Bolton (Former Warden of the North)

Position: winger

Player comparison: Hristo Stoichkov/Paolo Di Canto

Why he makes a good winger: Before we dip into his dubious personality traits, Ramsay is a gifted, tenacious warrior with an unrelenting, violent disposition. But as we alluded to, his brilliance comes with an absolutely sadistic insanity. Just like his player comparison suggests, sometimes genius comes with a bit of baggage. He’s the type to score a brace and get an unnecessary red card for breaking an opponents leg….all with a creepy grin on his face. 


Jon Snow (King of the North)

Position: central midfielder (Captain)

Player Comparison: Xavi

Why he makes a good CM/Captain: Aside from his obvious skill and technical ability in battle, Jon is a born leader. Time and again he makes incredibly difficult decisions at a moment’s notice all while leading by example. He is very much the people’s champion. All of the aforementioned are traits necessary for a team’s general. He’s the player calmly controlling the tempo with intelligent passes but with the ability to score when necessary. 


Jaime Lannister aka Kingslayer (Commander of the Lannister army)

Position: central midfielder (Co-Captain)

Player Comparison: Michael Ballack

Why he makes a good CM/Co-Captain: Jaime always shown the ability to do what must be done even in the direst of circumstances. As the commander of the Lannister army, he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty on the field of battle. Much like his counterpart and much like his player comparison he leads by example with decisive, no-nonsense power and technical ability.   



Position: Central Defensive Midfielder

Player comparison: Roy Keane

Why he makes a good CDM: Just like many of the characters on this list, Bronn is a dangerous and talented fighter. As a “sellsword” he has repeatedly shown a tremendous knack to get stuck in and protect his asset by any means necessary. Bronn is fearless and brutal but with the cheeky intelligence you’d find in a veteran CDM….a CDM á la Roy Keane


Grey Worm (Leader of the Unsullied)

Position: right back

Player comparison: Cafu/Gianluca Zambrotta

Why he makes a good RB: Grey Worm is the leader of an army literally bred for combat. As such he is a cunning, brilliant and skilled warrior rivaled by few. His slender stature lends itself to a pace driven, relentless fighting style, but he has also shown an undying ability to defend his queen. Right backs in the modern era rarely defend, that’s why Grey Worm is a throwback to those that could do both.  


Arya Stark

Position: Left Back

Player comparison: Marcelo

Why she makes a good LB: Arya has grown into a fearless warrior over the years. Her training with Syrio Forel and Jaqen H’ghar have given birth to a fiery, agility based and eye-catching fighting style driven by unrelenting revenge. Arya is more of your modern day LB template. She’s the type to endlessly make over lapping runs and dance through defenses with ease. 


Tormund Giantsbane

Position: center back

Player comparison: Ronald Koeman

What makes him a good CB: Tormund is the physically imposing, fearless and powerful leader of The Free Folk. His race is all known for being tough as nails and he is no different. Just like his ginger brother Ronald Koeman, Tormund Giantsbane has all the physical attributes and leadership skills you’d want in a rock solid center back. 


The Hound

Position: center back

Player comparison: Vinnie Jones

Why he makes a good CB: Considered one of the most formidable and feared men in Westeros, The Hound’s brutality is legendary. He seeks out mercenary or bodyguard work as violence and killing are not only required but things that he thoroughly enjoys. The Hound is another throwback to the no-nonsense, studs-up enforcers of years gone by. He’s keeping that Vinnie Jones alive and well.


Brienne of Tarth

Position: Goal Keeper

Player comparison: Peter Schmeichel

Why she makes a good GK: A strong and fearsome warrior, Brienne has bested some the most feared warriors in all of Westeros (her CB included). Also, If ever there was anyone better at protecting people than Brienne, they’ve yet to be seen. From Jamie Lannister to Arya Stark, Lady Brienne has kept many a valuable person alive even in the direst of situations. Not only does she look like she could be the daughter of Peter Schmeichel, but she shares many of the same attributes as the Man U legend. 

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