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Fokohaela, the brand based out of Germany led by designer Jason Lee, is known to push boundaries when it comes to soccer jerseys. I’ve been following this brand for a while now and they first caught my attention when they released the La Vie En Bleu Zizou” piece followed by the “O Fenomeno”, which is truly an attention grabber whether you’re a fan of it or not. Their latest release, the “Deutschland Vermischt,” which translates to “German mix,” mixes various brand logos and elements to “remix” the national kit of the German team.

Overall Design: I am a huge fan of white jerseys and shirts, especially on soccer jerseys just because of the cleanliness of the look. Because of that, I was always a fan of jerseys like Germany’s home kit, PSG’s away from last season, 2016 Nike FC Vitoria long sleeve, Guerrilla FC’s Umbro 2018 home kit, 2018 Korea away kit, the list goes on… This latest piece by Fokohaela is no exception and I was instantly a fan of it. Not to mention all the details that went into this kit – rest assured, we’ll go over all these points later in the article. Overall, the logo placements, the unique twists of other brands, and the clean aesthetic of the shirt has me as their ultimate fan.

Score: 5/5

Functionality: This piece looks to be made out of 100% cotton, and not of polyester like you would expect from a soccer kit designed to function on the pitch. It’s probably best to wear these off the pitch, perhaps to attend a Germany match from the stands. But Fokohaela is not here to design dope kits to be worn on the pitch anyways, you certainly can if you want to, but that doesn’t strike me as their ultimate goal.

Score: 4/5

Uniqueness: This is a new category for this week, replacing the former Wearability category. What attracts me towards one streetwear brand over another is how different they are from what’s being saturated in the market these days. I like streetwear when I’m wearing something that not everyone else is, not because it’s something that everyone is rocking to ride the hype. That being said, this piece stands out from a lot of what’s out right now with attention to details and history, and gets a high rating for its uniqueness like a lot of Fokohaela’s pieces.

Score: 5/5

Details: There are a lot of details in this kit, starting with the different logos and German sponsors that’s being mixed into the traditional German jersey design. Logos remixed to the shirt includes Swoosh football, Swoosh footwear label, Mercurial, Air Max 360, Tuned, ACG, Benzo, Fritz-Kola Bitburger, and AMG. The shirt also includes Fe and C from the periodic table to resemble the German nerves of steel that they so often display with their dominance on the field during clutch moments.

Score: 5/5

The “Deutschland Vermischt” shirt is yet to be released to the public, but make sure you follow @fokohaela for updates as well as their online shop.

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