Once upon a time, we used to see kits that weren’t like another layer of skin or made of weird materials. This was the time I loved kits the most. Why? Well, playing good football combined with looking cool created a fantastic balance and a baggy football shirt gave us the latter.

Maybe it is just a fashion preference, but for me, the baggy football shirt is a legend of the game and is being forced out of the game for some silly ‘performance’ reason. Kick skin-tight shirts out of the game because they’re ruining the aesthetic.

A skin-tight shirt does nothing. Nothing. For me, a football shirt is more about how it looks not how it performs. Yes, I understand, performance is a massive aspect of the game and we want our professionals to be able to perform to the highest possible standard but the legends of the game, see Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, wore baggy kits and are two of the best ever.

It’s a weird opinion to have, I hear what you’re saying but it’s a relevant one. I don’t think I have bought or worn a more recent kit in a while due to the material and fit. I mainly wear/buy vintage shirts for various reasons; 1. the designs back then were generally better and 2. the fit is more comfortable and the materials used were much better.

Not only is it about me wearing the shirts themselves but it’s the players.  The aesthetic of football has changed. It’s gone downhill. Gone of the days of the 1990’s where we’d see David Ginola in a lovely black and white adidas shirt looking slick or a Milan derby filled with beautiful kits and the gentlemen looking as cool as ever.

I’m not sure you’d agree. Maybe you like the tight shirt revolution, mainly headed by PUMA clubs, but I will not be joining you on this and will forever stand my ground and reminisce about the past shirts. We don’t even have to travel back that far, the early 2000s were a wonderful time for kits also. It’s just so happened, that in recent years everything has gone tight and everything has gone laceless. It’s a new movement and I, for one, am not hopping aboard. Enjoy the journey, au revior.

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