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After some thought and some conversation with our Kicks to the Pitch team, we have decided to bring you a section of our website dedicated to raw, personal, touching, unique, strange and downright random stories that connect the things we love to the game we love. 

Personally, I feel this is really needed at this time. It’s been about two weeks since the stay at home order began in California and I sit back at home and try and figure out if the internet has an end? You know what, low key it does, but not as you think. It seems like I continue to hit the same places up over and over again. After that, I then look for new sites, stores, and stories that pique my interest and it’s safe to say that I have found the end of the web. Maybe this is not happening for everyone but for me it is and it was something that I couldn’t fathom. The worldwide web seemed to miss the void I have been looking for.

Kicks to the Pitch(KTTP) Daily will bring you one to two stories each day from people that are behind KTTP. Our team ranges from basketball lovers, ex-pro players, designers, photographers, sneakerheads, music connoisseurs, and more. We all have decided to let our voices be heard and hopefully connect with people just like ourselves.

Some stories may be from various times in our lives that personally connect to KTTP’s four pillars: Fashion, Sneakers, Music, and Art to the Beautiful Game. The stories may be extremely personal, raw and unique. We invite you the reader to engage with us socially as we share the KTTP Daily stories across our platforms. Feel free to reach out to us, ask us questions and find out more about the people behind the brand. We are excited about the opportunity to slow down a bit and share our minds with you. Let’s all get through this crazy time together. 

As we start this journey please allow us room for evolution. Our posting frequency on social may change up some as we integrate various giveaways throughout the week, takeovers, live conversations and more. 

Stay tuned and welcome to KTTP Daily.

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