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Charly: Brand of the Mexican People

If you are a follower of Liga MX you would have noticed in recent years more teams wearing jerseys made by Mexican sportswear company Charly. Kit suppliers for Atlas, Queretaro, Santos, Pachuca and Xolos, Charly has only been in the game since 2014 but has made huge strides within Mexican soccer. How they have been able to build such a robust soccer business in such a short amount of time stems from a long history as a family owned brand, a deep understanding of the Mexican market and a genuine connection to its consumer base.

I spoke with the Charly team recently about their rise in the soccer world in Mexico, some of the things that helped them connect so well there and their plans to expand on their current retail presence in the US. One of the things that is so impressive is building a soccer business in six years that sees them as the kit manufacturer for multiple teams, starting a soccer specific footwear division and even working with the likes of Andre-Pierre Gignac.

When I asked them what has helped them grow so quickly in the soccer space, their answers and point of view were honest and to the point.

“Professional teams in Mexico weren’t getting the love that they deserved which meant the fans weren’t getting the love that they deserve.

What distinguishes us from other brands is the connection that we have with the fans through product and the teams.

Charly is the people’s brand of Mexico.”

Like I said, clear and to the point and makes so much sense. Listen to your customers, treat them well, respect the sport.

With the brand now firmly entrenched in Liga MX and Mexican soccer, Charly is looking to connect with soccer fans here in the US. Building a brand in your native country can be challenging enough, building it in another even more so. So how does a brand make that kind of jump to a new market like the United States?

“As far as the United States – there are avid fans of Mexican soccer and Mexican teams here and they haven’t had access to the teams until we brought it to them. There are 60 million Hispanics in the United States and they love soccer and they want to support their teams but they aren’t getting that real access to their teams from Mexico.

We’re giving them what they want. We are responding the way that Charly always has.

I think there is a pride with it coming from Mexico, it’s not just a product worn by their favorite team, but a product that actually comes from Mexico means that much more.”

Long term success for a brand can not be achieved through product alone. A deeper connection with the consumer is needed. Consumers need to believe in the brand for more than just the product that is created and brands need to connect with their consumers in deeper and more meaningful ways. It’s a symbiotic relationship that is built over time and needs to continue to be nurtured. Charly may only be six years deep in the soccer game, but they have tapped into their brand ethos that has connected with people for the better part of 70 years.


My last take away from the Charly team is that they are just getting started in the soccer space, both domestically and here in the US. They have a lot slated for the coming months and a broader idea of how to build their soccer business the Charly way. Stay tuned for much more from Charly.

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