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Modern day National Team kit’s have evolved into sometimes predictable, often boring and generally safe garb to be consumed by the masses. Brands keep it tidy as to not alienate a more casual fan and while that makes sense, it doesn’t lead to anything. With their competition drawing first blood and keeping to the aforementioned simple template for their World Cup kits, Nike has launched this years World Cup kit campaign with a refreshing new paradigm. The 2018 Nigerian National Team World Cup kit’s drop with an entire, complimentary collection. Built around the term ‘Naija’ which represents a future-focused optimism or “new Nigerian” the entire line encompasses the attitude and panache of the young Super Eagles.

Overall Design Kits: Naturally at the center of the collection are the kits. The loudest of the two is the home strip which features a head-turning feather print. It is made up of hyper green and white with black on the sleeves as a subtle homage to the iconic 94 side that beat Maradona’s Argentina at the World Cup. If home is Yin, then away is Yang. Opting for a cleaner, more simple design, the away kit employs a classy dark green with accents coming by way of the hyper green seen on the home shirt. Nike went lights out and straight killed it with both kits. There is a nod to the past while looking to the future within an all encompassing flair that is uniquely ‘Naija”.

Score: 5/5

Overall Design Off-Pitch/Training : Created to compliment the on-pitch jerseys, Nike brilliantly tied things up by twerking the feather print on the training top and jacket which also features the words ‘Naija’ in place of typical sponsorship branding. Off-pitch pieces come by way of a track suit made of a wild floral print and reversible bucket hat. As we mentioned, creating an entire line that looks just as good on and off pitch for a National Team is completely revolutionary. From the aesthetic, to the authenticity, to the versatility, the ‘Naija” Collection is straight flames.

Score: 5/5

Functionality: Just because the ‘Naija’ Collection was created with a casual aesthetic in mind doesn’t mean functionality was overlooked. It still features on the highest quality sports apparel created by one of the most innovative brands on the planet. It’s safe to say the functionality is second to none. Vaporknit features throughout as means to bring breathability, speed and air-flow.

Score: 5/5

Wearability: Wearability is always perspective and a matter of personal style or lack there of. More than anything the ‘Naija’ collection is polarizing. It wasn’t created to pander to the masses but it suits the vibe of a young Nigerian National Team brilliantly. A more conservative supporter will probably disagree and that’s completely ok.

Score: 3/5

Overall: 5/5

Like it or Love it are the only two options with the 2018 World Cup Nigerian kit and off pitch collection. Nike has given the collection everything you can ask for. Style, Flair, Technology, Fashion it has it all. Walking away from seeing this first hand we can say with confidence that we have our World Cup 2018 favorite straight up of the style they will be bringing.

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